Thursday 19, September 2013

TSO Mobile sponsoring “The Fireball Run” with GPS Vehicle Tracking

The most epic adventurally in America (The Fireball Run), starts live streaming coverage tomorrow September 20th 2013. FIREBALL RUN Adventurally is the most epic live destination based road rally competition in America. NOT A ROAD RACE- To navigate the route and score, teams may use anything (and anyone) at their disposal to solve clues, and […]

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Thursday 12, September 2013

GPS Vehicle Tracking for the safety of drivers and fleets.

Safety is key in any type of business. For companies with fleets of vehicles this is one of their top priorities. Now, what is considered as safety in the operations of a fleet of vehicles, and how can a business ensure that safety policies are being followed? Good driving is one of the most important […]

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Friday 6, September 2013

City of Hollywood, FL & TSO Mobile’s Public Transportation Solutions

The City of Hollywood in FL and TSO Mobile have teamed up to implement a state of the art Public Transportation Management Platform in their public transportation trolley system. The implementation is still in process, but it is a fact! The City of Hollywood, FL has seen the huge potential that TSO Mobile’s system has […]

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Tuesday 3, September 2013

The NEW and IMPROVED GPS Vehicle Tracking System

On September 15th 2013, TSO Mobile will do the official release of its new platform and all current users will be smoothly switched permanently to the new system, and the ability to go back to the current platform will not be available. All new user will start using the new and improved GPS Vehicle Tracking […]

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