Businesses that offer services such as HVAC, plumbing, pool maintenance, and any other company with set, scheduled stops for each employee/driver, know that having their routes organized is a very important task. The problem is that most of these companies plan and manage their weekly routes manually, which is not the best approach.

Companies are starting to become aware of the problem of planning routes manually, and are starting to learn a lot more about the power of routing automation. Companies that are starting to replace their manual scheduling processes with solutions for automated route planning are starting to see their workforce be optimized and an expansion of their client base by almost half. Routes are becoming more efficient, and benefits such as time and fuel costs savings are starting to be more clear.

Improved Routing Reduces Labor Costs while optimizing workflow.

With TSO Mobile's solutions businesses can automate every single part of their operations all the way from GPS Vehicle Tracking to the daily Dispatching tasks. When it comes to routing automation dispatchers will have comple access to TSO Mobile's routing platform inside the same GPS Fleet Tracking System. Here dispatchers will automate and improve the effectiveness of routes creation with the "Routes Builder". Select, create and assign new routes to drivers, enter or select on a map the stops that the driver has to follow during the route, let the system optimize this route, and even setup alerts for you to be updated of important information while the route is in process. Predifine routes to make future routes creation tasks more efficient. Access the routes panel where you will see all routes, the vehicles that they are assigned to, the scheduled dates, the stops summary, and status of the route.

This brief description of TSO Mobile's automated routing module should give you a better understanding of how a business' routing operations would look like when transitioning from manual to automated routing processes. On the other hand though, a piece of text will never be enough to acquire full understanding. CLICK HERE TO GET A DEMO so you can see for yourself how routing automation works.

Other than the routing platform in TSO Mobile's GPS Vehicle Tracking System, TSO Mobile also has available a mobile dispatching solution for Android devices called "TSO InCabin". It is a mobile app that delivers unique development in customer service and satisfaction, fleet performance, workforce management, operational effectiveness, and the technological advantage your business needs for its growth, also giving you dispatching features such as work orders management, and control of Hours of Service (HOS). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT TSO INCABIN.

Other benefits you will experience from routing automation are:

• Increase Productivity.
• Reduce Operation Costs.
• Save Money on Fuel.
• Control Work Hours / Hours of Service (HOS).
• Improve Customer Service.
• Improve Dispatching.