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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track all of your vehicles in your
computer or any mobile device at
any time. See historical locations
with detailed information of all
your fleet’s activities.


Dispatching Tools

Monitor routes, manage work
orders, see reports and analytics
of your operations. This is a full
dispatching platform inside the
same GPS Vehicle Tracking System.


Public Transportation

Track public transport vehicles and
display them on your website, show
estimated times of arrival, provide
accurate real-time routes, monitor
vehicle usage with our passenger
counters, monitor in-cabin activity.


Boat Tracking

Track boats in real-time, see
historical locations, monitor activity
inside the boat, get alerted to
unauthorized use,
and monitor water levels.


Real-Time Vehicle Tracking for Fleets

Track all of your vehicles on your computer or any mobile device at any time, see historical locations with detailed information of all activities, and much more! With TSO Fleet solutions, you will experience the many benefits of running your fleet with GPS vehicle tracking tools. We have many easy-to-use, powerful features that will give you total control and expand your fleet monitoring capabilities.

Live Vehicle Location

Knowing where your vehicles are at the exact same time that you are looking at the map is priceless. We give you a high level of reliability with both Microsoft and Google Maps. Location updates range anywhere from every 30 seconds to 5 mins or more, depending on your preferences. The ability to see your vehicles’ historical locations traced on the map is one of the many monitoring options we offer.

Easy Third-Party Tracking

It does not matter what industry you are on, there is always a third party that needs to track your vehicles. Whether you move merchandise that your customers want to locate or you transport people, there are always those who want to monitor those routes. Generate tracking numbers with expiration dates and email them to anybody.

Remote Vehicle Control

Through our powerful GPS vehicle tracking system, you can control any electrical aspect of your vehicles and equipment. This covers ignition events, locking and unlocking doors, opening and closing windows, turning headlights on and off, power take-off events, and more!

Create Geofences for Easy Location Control

Create geofences around a certain area to get alerts when your vehicles go in and out of it. These alerts can be sent to any email or phone number via text or as a voice message.

See Your Whole Operation

Our advanced fleet tracking system offers a dashboard that lets you set up different types of modules—reports, alerts, tracking information, fuel usage, and more! These allow you to run your operations all from the same screen for maximum convenience and productivity.

Dispatching Tools

All the dispatching tools you need, contained in one convenient GPS fleet tracking system! TSO Mobile’s logistics give you the framework for the management of your vehicles, time, and company resources. Streamline your operation with the most complete set of tools provided by TSO Mobile. Real-time transportation management paired with TSO Mobile’s dispatching automated routing and scheduling optimization features gives you the extra help you need to maximize productivity while reducing costs.


Improve Driver Communication

TSO Mobile has made driver communication easier and more efficient by integrating our GPS vehicle tracking system with Garmin navigators. Broadcast messages for your fleet of vehicles to their in-cabin Garmin navigators, send acknowledge messages and customized messages, monitor status of all jobs in real time (en route, arrived, departed, and completed), and much more!

Create and Send Work Orders

Gain the most up-to-date information on one screen and manage all your drivers with one simple application. The days of shuffling through mounds of paperwork are over. With the work orders dispatching tool, everything becomes automated and much easier to handle.

Create and Manage Routes in Real Time

Our routing platform gives you complete control of all routes that need to be finished, those that are in process of completion, and the ones that have been successful. Our system automatically rates your drivers’ performance by analyzing several factors about their routes. We can guarantee that you have never experienced a routing system like this before!

Generate and Download over 30+ Reports

Reports are everything. Being able to analyze what is going by reading reports with the results of various activities is a must! Pull up analytical reports, activities reports, fuel usage reports, speeding reports, timesheets reports, and more!

Get Automated Vehicle Alerts

Set up automated alerts to trigger whenever specific events occur. Get notified by text or email when a vehicle is speeding, idling, being stolen, when there is unauthorized usage, when there are maintenance tasks pending, and much more.


Public Transportation Solutions

The TSO Mobile suite of public transportation solutions was designed to meet all your bus and public vehicle tracking needs. Many communities, including the City of Doral and City of Hollywood in South Florida are using TSO Mobile’s Public Transportation solutions to keep their passengers happy, streamline management processes, and gain better control over their entire operation.

Power to the Passenger

We want passengers to fall in love with their public transportation system. With our public tracker, we let passengers see bus locations, routes, and estimated times of arrival. Passengers can also access our mobile public tracker from any smart phone or device with internet access.

Real-Time Data. Total Control.

Painstakingly designed and rigorously tested, the Passenger Counter provides accurate information about the number of passengers in the vehicle. Dispatchers and managers can use this data to identify potential for overloading and define time periods that experience excessive or low public transportation usage.


All the monitoring and tracking tools a boat owner needs for peace of mind. TSO Marine lets you track your boat 24/7 and monitor for potential theft and water level changes. Anyone boat owner, yacht club, or marina stands to benefit tremendously from the visibility offered by TSO Marine.


  • Boat location.
  • Hatch / Deck Security.
  • Engine Ignition & Hours.
  • Bilge Pump & High Water.
  • Battery Voltage.
  • Motion sensor for security.
  • Door sensors.

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  • Generate Tracking Codes
  • View Vehicle Trails
  • Create Geofences
  • Customizable Live Alerts
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Dozens of Dynamic Reports
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • View Your Fleet in Real Time
  • Prevent Theft and Damage
  • Monitor Fuel Usage
  • Improve Dispatching
  • Available on Mobile

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