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Solutions for Government Fleets

Government entities are always looking to run timely and economical operations to meet both taxpayer expectations and comply with regulations. TSO Mobile offers the efficiency-promoting solutions which give managers and dispatchers the insight necessary to keep their operation productive.


GPS for Transportation Companies

Timely and economic transportation solutions are a must in this industry. Common customer questions like, “When is it going to get delivered?” and, “How much will it cost to get it there?” show us how important it is to be on top of your fleet’s movement. The efficient use of vehicular and human assets can have a tremendous impact on your transportation company’s profitability.

Public Transportation Tracking

TSO Mobile provides turnkey transit Public Transportation solutions using state-of-the-art technology to integrate GPS satellite tracking with vital automation features to increase security, improve efficiency, and allow access to the standard user of transit systems.


GPS for Passenger Transportation

In the passenger transportation industry asset tracking and performance are a must. Just by looking at the high amount of vehicles that are on the roads around the world at all times we can see that there is a big need to verify locations and vehicle movement constantly. TSO Mobile’s GPS tracking and management services let you do that and more.

Service Fleets

For service fleets, promptness and politeness can mean the difference between creating lifelong customers and driving business straight to your competition. TSO Mobile offers a variety of solutions for optimizing the movements of your drivers, vehicles, and valuable assets.


Healthcare GPS Tracking

If your organization or company dispatches employees to deliver critical care to patients, TSO Mobile’s routing, scheduling, and dispatching software can help you maximize productivity in all aspects of your operation.

Solutions for Security and Law Enforcement Fleets

Just as efficiency and reliability are advantageous in the security industry, efficient and reliable applications that can tell you where your officers are at any given
time are invaluable to delivering security services and documenting law enforcement activities.


GPS for Construction

The construction industry is all about deadlines, powerful equipment, and mobile workers. TSO Mobile provides construction companies with software applications that can pinpoint their equipment and dispatch their assets to the right work site at the right time.