Powerful Public Transportation Management Solutions

Working together towards a better public transportation experience.

We give you the tools to improve productivity and increase ridership. Many public transportation systems lack the tools needed to control and manage their operations to achieve their greatest potential. With TSO Mobile’s GPS public transportation solutions, bus companies and other transportation providers can experience increased productivity, improved dispatching, increased security, reduced operations costs, and happier riders.

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  • Generate Tracking Codes
  • View Vehicle Trails
  • Create Geofences
  • Customizable Live Alerts
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Dozens of Dynamic Reports
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • View Your Fleet in Real Time
  • Prevent Theft and Damage
  • Monitor Fuel Usage
  • Improve Dispatching
  • Available on Mobile

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Track Vehicles with Powerful GPS Software Features


Public Info Displays

Electronic displays with information
about location, ETAs, or marketing
ads can be placed
at every stop.

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LED Signs/Annunciators

LED signs and annunciators can be installed inside and outside of the vehicles to provide updates about upcoming stops.

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Live Video Monitoring

Live video from TSO Mobile can be installed in the vehicles to monitor in real-time driver and passengers behavior.

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Passenger Counters

TSO Mobile’s Automated Passenger Counters “APCs” help monitor and analyze passengers usage of the public vehicles.

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Passengers can view Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) to every stop in the public vehicle’s route and see if vehicles will arrive late.

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Arrival Forecast

Passengers can view Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) to every stop in the public vehicle’s route and see if vehicles will arrive late.

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TSO Public Tracker

Passengers can view in real-time the location of public vehicles as well as access routes and many more information.

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Monitor and track public vehicles in real-time while providing location and routes information to passengers.

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Tracking Tools for Buses and Passengers

Both public and private transportation entities can experience countless benefits to their operation and profitability with TSO Mobile’s public transportation solutions. Passengers benefit from the increased reliability of their public transportation system, encouraging increased ridership and positive perceptions.

Lower operational costs and use those savings for improvement.

Your entity can be saving thousands of dollars from cutting down on costs coming from operations, employees, drivers, maintenance, fuel consumption, and more.

  • Saving money in employees (drivers specifically) comes from our driver behavior monitoring tools, and other features such as monitoring real worked hours through accurate time sheet reports pulled from the vehicle’s activity, among others.
  • With the maintenance module in our fleet management platform you will never miss a maintenance task again. Automated maintenance management tools will help keep a close eye on upcoming maintenances, being able to always do them on time.
  • Fuel consumption is probably the major factor when it comes to saving money. Monitoring events that affect fuel consumption such as excessive speeding and idling is key in the operations of any public transportation fleet.

Over 10% reduction in costs annually can be achieved depending on the entity’s size, operations and goals.

Provide security for passengers, people on the road, and drivers.

We give you Real-Time GPS Tracking and Monitoring (the tools), but it is your responsibility to use them in pro of a better public system and safer roads.


Excessive speeding, unpleasant in-cabin situations, robbery, lack of maintenance, late driver attendance, among others, are things every entity want to avoid. With our real-time/live monitoring tools and reports, we let you control every single activity all the way from speeding to driver behaviors. Your fleet of public vehicles will be a secure one and this will serve as a plus that categorize your entity at a high level service compared to others.

We are fleet management that goes beyond vehicle tracking.

You will see how your dispatching operations of your fleet of public vehicles benefit tremendously from our scheduling and routing solutions.

A reliable public transportation system is all about how well organized it is and how efficiently it runs. Our scheduling and routing tools will help your dispatchers setup automated processes that will increase the reliability of your processes, and monitor activity specific to the public vehicles’ routes so they can make sure all operations are running on time and delivering passengers a great riding experience.


Over 30% increase in ridership can be achieved through proper dispatching and an efficient public transportation service.

Take control of your operations.

With our series of fleet management tools tasks will take half the time to get done. You will be able to monitor closely all public vehicles and drivers, making sure they arrive on time at every stop. These benefits applies to activity on the road, but also in house at your dispatching centers.


Over 30 Hours per week can be saved thanks to the automation of operations.

Passengers will make more use of public transportation services.

The true reason for implementing our solutions is for the benefits of passengers. Building a consistent public transportation system where passengers can trust its reliability will result in increased ridership. Passengers will get tons of benefits related to their finances, time management, among others.

Below some statistics about passengers who use public transportation:


Almost 60% of people who ride public transit are
commuting to and from work.

An individual can achieve an average annual
savings of more than $9,700 by using a reliable
public transportation system instead of driving and
by living with one less car.

Real-Time GPS Tracking for Public Vehicles


Reliable Solutions. Real Results.

TSO Mobile’s GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions are tailored to the needs of the public transportation industry, providing a high level of monitoring capabilities with up-to-the-minute location information frequencies. Cities, counties, and any other entity with public transportation vehicles will be able to monitor and track in real time while providing location information to the passengers. A wide variety of installation options for the GPS vehicle tracking devices are available.

The focus and goal of our public transportation solutions is to provide entities with an advanced and reliable platform so they can provide passengers with an advanced and reliable transportation experience. This part of our public transportation solutions does exactly that, giving entities access to a complete fleet management and dispatching platform with which they can monitor public vehicles, activities, and key events that trigger automated alerts and much more to make sure all operations are always running smoothly.

With TSO Mobile’s real-time GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management for public transportation, entities get:


  • Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking.
  • Live Alerts.
  • Geofences.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management.
  • Improved Route Monitoring.
  • Automated Driver Ratings.
  • Electronic Dispatching Log.
  • Reports and Analytics of Performance and Activities.

Bus Tracking Apps by TSO Mobile


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Passengers can access vehicle location and routes
information from any Apple or Android device.

Mobile Tracking can also be accessed from any mobile
device with Internet access.


TSO Public GPS Tracker for Buses

Put the power of GPS Vehicle tracking in your passengers’ hands, giving them a whole new public transportation and ridership experience. Passengers can receive access to real-time location updates for your public transportation fleet. This information, combined with route data and other monitoring tools, improves the public transportation experience for both passengers and dispatchers alike.


Arrival Forecast – Estimated Times of Arrival

Our real-time GPS vehicle tracking technology allows you to provide passengers with estimated times of arrival (ETAs) to every stop in the public vehicle’s route. TSO Mobile’s software provides ETAs by reading locations from its routes database and identifying when vehicles are delayed for any reason.

In addition to ETAs, passengers also gain access to more tools related to the public vehicles’ stops information:

  • Routes and Stops
  • Address Information
  • Map Views
  • Current Locations
  • Walking Routes to Stops

Automated Voice and Text Information System

No internet connection? No problem! Your passengers can still receive real-time location updates via voice or text message.

Our Automated Voice Information System (AVIS) and Automated Text Information System (ATIS) give passengers the tools that make using public transportation a whole new experience.


If passengers do not have access to a mobile app or computer and need location or ETA updates quickly, they can simply dial or text a phone number provided by TSO Mobile to receive this information.


Automated Passenger Counters

The Automated Passenger Counter (APC) system monitors passengers entering and leaving vehicles. This is accomplished with a pair of infrared (IR) light beams mounted horizontally across the doorways. When passengers cross these thresholds, the IR beams break in sequence, generating an entering or exiting count which is then transmitted to the car or bus’ GPS vehicle tracking system.

The APC can be triggered by the following events:

  • Vehicle Door Open/Close.
  • Wheelchair Ramp Deployed/Stowed*.
  • Bicycle Rack Deployed/Stowed*.

*When applicable

Each of these triggered counts is received by the GPS or AVL system and associated with the appropriate time/date and GPS coordinates. The merged APC data is then sent to the APC servers in real time via a cellular connection.

Video Verification

Review critical video surrounding a driving event.
Live video monitoring can prove a crucial enhancement to public transportation systems everywhere. Having an eyewitness view of what occurs inside your public vehicles is key when it comes to providing a secure and reliable public service.

Drivers being rudely toward passengers, those passengers not behaving properly, and drivers breaking behavioral policies that could affect routes performance are all situations that every public transportation provider needs to be aware of. Live video is the only solution that can provide a significant amount of monitoring, insight, and control for these situations.

TSO Mobile provides a series of easy-to-use live video monitoring software and hardware tools. Our video monitoring solution connects and synchronizes to our real-time GPS vehicle and fleet management system to provide additional tools like automated logging of activities, alerts, and much more.


LED Signs for Buses

In addition to all the tools TSO Mobile makes available for passengers to improve their ridership experience, LED signs and annunciators work to improve passenger and operator experience.

Automated on-board visual and audio announcements keep passengers informed about the vehicle’s location, routes, and upcoming stops. This can prove a great benefit for both visually-impaired and hearing-challenged passengers.

TSO Mobile’s LED Signs and Annunciators are ADA-compliant, giving dispatchers remote access to configure what signs will display and announce.

Public Information Displays (PIDs)

Real-Time Information at Every Stop

PIDs are extremely helpful for passengers, as they can be placed at every stop to provide real-time location information of the public vehicles, estimated times of arrival and departure, and information about delays as they occur. TSO Mobile’s Public Information Displays combine all the power and visibility of our system on one convenient screen. If the passengers do not have access to a computer or mobile device to track the public vehicles, view arrival forecast, or call/text for automated information, they can see view the information on PIDs placed at every stop of the public vehicle’s route.

Public Information Displays can also be used to generate revenue for your operation by providing advertising space at your stops. Likewise, they can also be used to provide passengers with critical information about local events, emergencies, amber alerts, and anything else of import.