Protection. Prevention. Proof.

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Protecting Commercial Drivers

  • Mobile and Desktop Video Streaming
  • Crash Detection Alerts
  • Speeding, Hard Braking/Turning, and Tilt Alerts
  • Retrieve Video by Date, Time, and Event
  • Connect Up to Four Cameras
  • Night Vision for Low-Light Environments
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Receive Video Verification on Every Event
  • Protect Your Fleet Against Fraudulent Accident Claims
  • Speed up Claim Resolution
  • Detect Training Needs/Unsafe Driving
  • Encourage and Reward Safe Driving

Who benefits from integrated video verification?



Reduce risk and insurance premiums while encouraging better driving habits.



Protect your job and prove your innocence with real life footage.


Insurance Companies

Proven reduction to loss ratios and increase in underwriting profitability.


We Love TSO Mobile’s In Cab Video Product
“…The videos offer so much insight that you can see what it’s really like out there for your crew. It’s extremely helpful.” – Daniel Ocampo, Director