Saturday 1, October 2016

THE DASHBOARD – The New Module of our GPS Fleet Tracking System

We are proud to introduce our GPS Tracking Application’s new module, THE DASHBOARD! With this module your tasks and monitoring performance will be a lot better. The dashboard makes our system even more user friendly than it already is, allowing for easier navigation and having all the information you need in one single screen. Just […]

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Thursday 9, June 2016

GPS Vehicle Tracking offers valuable benefits for any type of business!

Did you know our GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions are tailored for each individual transportation entity and provide a high level of monitoring capabilities with up to the minute location information frequencies? Not to mention, you can access your information frequencies just about anywhere from a tablet or mobile device. Have real time control while you […]

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Tuesday 19, April 2016

Complying DOT’s Drug and Alcohol Policy is easy with TSO Mobile Automated Random Testing

While tracking is a major part of operating a business efficiently, monitoring driver behavior helps contribute to increasing overall productivity. According to a recent study published in the Journal Sleep, 20% of all crashes involving a commercial vehicle results from drowsiness behind the wheel. Improve safety conditions by installing our sensors which alert dispatching of […]

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Saturday 27, February 2016

Millennials Are Public Transportation Riders

Our nation is relying more and more on public transportation, not only as a necessity, but also as a desire for it. There has been an apparent trend of a growing desire to have access to various forms of public transportation throughout the cities people live in. This development seems to be trending predominantly by […]

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Friday 18, September 2015

More Than Just Vehicle Tracking

More Than Just Vehicle Tracking The alignment of multiple components are necessary in providing and attaining an efficient rental industry service. Equipment, goods and vehicles need to be managed in a timely manner, customer orders need to be dispatched to their respective locations, and status of operations need to be tracked accordingly, among many additional […]

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Thursday 25, June 2015

One Platform. Ample Solutions.

To operate an effective and successful transportation system, various moving parts need to be monitored and measured. Where are your vehicles going? When are they arriving? Is your driver going too fast? Do your transit routes make the most efficient use of time and fuel? These, in addition to many more, are all questions whose […]

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Friday 5, June 2015

How to increase Vehicle Safety on School Buses

With many different components of public transportation, school buses play a big role in carrying a large percentage of our public population every day. Today, more and more transportation directors and school administrators are becoming interested and willing to dedicate resources in an effort to protect their passengers and personnel. School bus video surveillance solutions, […]

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Thursday 21, May 2015

Do you influence your mobile audience?

Earlier this month, TSO Mobile had the opportunity to showcase products at the APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. The event was sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association and hosted by the Fort Worth Transportation Authority as it invited all attendees to join in learning about the various vehicles and technology […]

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Friday 1, May 2015

Facilitating Paratransit Services in Arizona

Changing technology is continuing to make it easier for local governments and other providers to meet the evolving transportation needs of individuals with hearing and visual disabilities.Today, providers of paratransit services have tools they can integrate into their existing technology that not only make it easier for those with sight or hearing issues to use their systems, but also make it possible to […]

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