More Than Just Vehicle Tracking


The alignment of multiple components are necessary in providing and attaining an efficient rental industry service. Equipment, goods and vehicles need to be managed in a timely manner, customer orders need to be dispatched to their respective locations, and status of operations need to be tracked accordingly, among many additional factors to be considered. To guarantee maximum efficiency in relaying these operations, the Point-of-Rental system is integrated with TSO Mobile GPS vehicle tracking and technology, working together to bring an all-in-one solution for all dispatching duties and business efficiencies.

Installed tracking software allows for easy location identification, timely schedule formations, and seamless fleet dispatching. These systems, working together with administrative software already in place, present much more benefits to rental businesses than just GPS tracking. Through use of integrated tracking technology with rental and inventory management software, rental businesses gain:

Increased Security Integrated technology allows the monitoring of various driver behaviors while on the road. Speed limits, accelerations, braking, operational activities and route tracking are all ways to assess driver performance in real-time, ensuring the safety of drivers and everyone else on the road. Asset management is also improved with vehicle tracking procedures to prevent permanent or unclear loss.
Mileage and Fuel Reduction With abilities to dispatch vehicle speeding events, idling, fuel consumption activities, and data of misuse and damage, maximum control is achieved and only necessary costs are disbursed and access to all essential reporting options are available.
Operational Cost Reduction Real-time monitoring of activities such as vehicle uses, maintenance, driver behavior, fuel usage and hours of service help prevent unnecessary expenses, with a broad analytical view of all costs being spent. Because of efficient use of fuel, mileage, and driver activity monitoring, prevention of neglectful activity is extended.
Improved Dispatching Management software and vehicle tracking technology used in work orders, dispatching and route planning and scheduling, integrated with mobile app technology, allows for running operations as smoothly and proactively as possible. With all dispatching duties relayed in real-time, from adaptable devices, management software and fleet management solutions work together to give operation managers everything they need to run an effective rental business.
Positive Customer Service With the use of arrival, departure, pickup, delivery and equipment usage monitoring, service reliability is increased. Tracking of all operations and location allow for meeting promised deadlines to customers and effective dispatching of information.
In a business relied on by deadlines, valuable equipment on the move, and a distributed workforce, GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management software integration with Point-of-Rental dispatching solutions provides rental companies with software technology to pinpoint equipment location and activities to dispatch assets to the right places, at the right time. These systems, working collectively, bring us the future of rental logistics, today.

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