To operate an effective and successful transportation system, various moving parts need to be monitored and measured.

Where are your vehicles going?

When are they arriving?

Is your driver going too fast?

Do your transit routes make the most efficient use of time and fuel?

These, in addition to many more, are all questions whose answers enable you to evaluate and deliver a reliable public transportation experience to your passengers.

Our all-in-one GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions have the ability to bring you all of these answers in one platform; they are even further tailored to the public transportation industry you operate in.

Providing a high level of monitoring capabilities with up-to-the-minute location information frequencies, our GPS Tracking platform gives you access to a complete fleet management and dispatching program where you can monitor public vehicles, their activities, key events that trigger automated alerts and much more to ensure all operations are always running smoothly.

We work in real-time, reporting every 10 seconds, 360 times per hour!

With our platform you we give you:

Real-time information on the location of your vehicles
Information about safety levels of operations
Remote control of your vehicles
Alert notifications via email or text messages
Real-time information about your drivers' performance
Information on vehicle conditions
Historical information on your vehicles
Security protocols
Analytical reports for key decision-making
And much more!