Monday 13, August 2012

GPS Vehicle Tracking system is an aid to law enforcement

When law enforcement officers sped to the Blossvale home where Adam Theall was threatening family members and his infant son in June 2010, a computer tracking system helped 911 dispatchers rush patrol cars to the scene. Because of the GPS-style tracking system, dispatchers knew a state trooper was close by, and when Theall fired his […]

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Thursday 2, August 2012

A True User Friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking System

There are many GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems out there, but those that are truly beneficial are those that make it easy for the user to understand and use. A user friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking System brings tons of benefits, and it is user friendly only if it complies with the following. • An accessible toolbar […]

Posted by: devtsob on Thursday 2, August 2012
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