There are many GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems out there, but those that are truly beneficial are those that make it easy for the user to understand and use. A user friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking System brings tons of benefits, and it is user friendly only if it complies with the following.

• An accessible toolbar that do not send you to new screens. This toolbar bar must have all the fundamental options and features of a GPS vehicle tracking system such as units locator, historical locations, messaging services, tracking number, mobility director, remote control, work orders, geofences, layers, and more.

• The tracking map must be intelligent and dynamic. To be able to click on units, events, alerts, to get more information (on the same map) is very important.

• There should be a layers options that lets you see and monitor more than one situation at a time. For example, display units on a certain area and the pending work orders of that area for each of those units.

• A dashboard helps to handle all types of information in one single screen.

• Specific modules like a work orders module and a routes module are important to centralize specific tasks in one single screen.

• Last but not least, a 24/7 technical support team like TSO Mobile's is helpful to solve the users' questions at any point in time.