The 2015 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) held at the Las Vegas Convention Center took place this month in Nevada, where TSO Mobile was able to attend the world's largest conference and tradeshow of digital display and interactive technologies. The conference and trade show lasting from March 10-13, is exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications and interactive technology solutions for both customer and employee-facing organizations.

With advancing solutions in digital display, TSO Mobile on-board advertising was a clear fit to the DSE's vision of digital signage benefits in transportation. The Expo details how the use of these digital displays has the ability to broadcast multiple notifications to travelers, display real-time announcements, centrally control and schedule messaging, and ultimately, become an additional revenue source when incorporating advertising. With the ability to inform and engage passengers, TSO Mobile digital advertising allows transportation facilities to efficiently connect with their commuters, whether at stations where they sit and wait or while riding vehicles daily.

DSE 2015 has played a significant role in the fast-paced industry of digital display's growth and development. The event welcomed over 200 exhibitors and brought in a number of representative decision-makers from several key industries including transportation, advertising executives, brand marketers and system integrators from around the globe. An innovative leader in mobile resource management and logistics products and services, TSO Mobile puts faith into its on-board advertising systems through use of digital signage screens, a revenue generation tactic for transportation operations in any field. As the company is always assessing the evolving technology of the modern business, the company holds a striving record of providing cutting-edge web-based software solutions to commercial and consumer markets.