How GPS helps food truck businesses stay on track

All across the United States, the food truck industry is booming thanks to the support of foodies everywhere. As a restaurant on the move, it is crucial to maintain a consistent customer base that will follow your food loyally wherever you end up. With modern GPS technology and access to social media, your fleet of food trucks can maximize your customers’ experience, luring peckish patrons from around your city into your culinary domain.

Social Media

When it comes to marketing, social media can be your best friend. As a meals-on-wheels culinary operation, you may not remain at the same location on a regular basis. Your company has the option to relocate to more profitable locations or even to attend local festivals or fairs as a vendor. Updating your location on social media alerts your customers to where you will be at any given time and allow them time to plan a visit. With your GPS, you can plan ahead and precisely post your open-for-business schedule, including any spur of the moment changes that need accommodation. GPS also allows for optimal route planning and timely arrivals so you don’t miss any important mealtimes.

There’s An App For That

In today’s world, there is an app for almost every conceivable task. Why not utilize this flourishing resource to bring customers to your window and maximize profits? Most popular food truck apps have a similar goal: showing people where they can find food trucks. These apps collect and use social media posts to pinpoint locations of mobile eateries, and show users where they are in relation to local trucks. Some allow food trucks to update their own locations while others rely on tweets and calendars to predict plausible locations. So the more accurate your GPS data and social media attention, the more accurate their predictions are and the more likely you are to be found by your customers.

Modern apps allow your company to streamline your business and improve customer service. Starbucks, the world’s leading coffee company, has recently added a way to pre-order food and drinks on their app for pick-up at a specified time. Perhaps your company could provide something similar, a meet-and-eat system that allows your customers to track your location and order ahead of time, knowing that your food truck will be waiting for them precisely where they expect you.

Whether you manage a fleet of one food truck or one hundred, access to various social media accounts combined with GPS data opens up a world of possibilities to expand your company and establish a great local reputation.

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