Craft breweries can benefit from technology like GPS truck tracking

In 2017 the Brewer’s Association announced the opening of 997 new craft breweries in the US, bringing the total number of operating distilleries up to 6,372. A staggering 4,256 of these opened in just the last five years. With so much competition in the craft brewing world, how can you help your company stand out from the rest of the crowd? Using modern technology can improve your business practices and help distinguish your brewery from the highly saturated competitive market.

Social Media Marketing

With more and more consumers using internet-connected devices to interact with the wider world, you can make your mark on the digital spectrum by updating your social media presence. Let your customers know who you are and what makes your company unique, whether it be organic mead, or a mustache-friendly specialty bottle. You can also learn who is buying your product by who views your company accounts and the digital response your company receives. College students, wine connoisseurs, and backyard BBQers may each have various preferences for their alcoholic drinks, so knowing who to cater what to really makes a difference in social media marketing.

Art and Pizzaz

If you walk down the adult beverage aisle of your local grocery store, what generally grabs your attention? In any industry where sales are the primary motivator, judging a book by its cover is expected and even encouraged. Artistic labels and eye-catching colors differentiate brands in an aisle of similarly sized and shaped beverage containers. Make your company stand out by investing in some quality artwork and graphic design for your label that’s easily recognizable and remembered. Use the creative aspects of label design and cut through all the visual stimulus to focus on what your buyers are looking for.

Trackers and Scanners

People want what they want, and they want it now. So, how can you expedite the process of getting your brews from factory to shelf? By incorporating GPS tracking units into your fleet and by tracking your products via barcode or RFID scanning systems. With a GPS fleet tracking system, your fleet managers can monitor your deliveries more effectively and pinpoint any parts of the process that can be streamlined for a smoother, more efficient operation. RFID and barcode technology allow you to track each product as it moves along the delivery process, from warehouse to grocery inventory, limiting the chances of misplaced kegs. Reputation is fundamental in a competitive market, so by using modern technology to make the lives of buyers and consumers easier, you rise above your business competitors.

Keep it Green

With new generations taking an increased interest in the global health of this planet, now is the time to rise to the occasion and invest in sustainability. Make yourself stand out by initializing brewing practices that are both green and socially responsible. The distilling process for beer uses a substantial amount of freshwater and energy with a large output of CO2. Find a way to conserve wherever you can, perhaps by installing solar panels to relieve some of the energy pressure, committing to recycling water in an environmentally-friendly way, or even by re-using certain materials. Perhaps your company can start sourcing local ingredients, which have less impact on the environment than other products that need to be transported long distances or use chemicals that may damage ecosystems. The new marketing trend seems to lean toward companies that embrace sustainability, so see how your business can adapt to new methods without sacrificing productivity.

Experiment with modern technology to find what works best for your brewhouse. Make a name for yourself and stand out from the crowd, so you can share your passion for brewing with the world.

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