Wednesday 28, November 2012

TSO Mobile is helping companies monitor the theft of vehicles with Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

TSO Mobile is helping prevent and monitor the theft of copper and other assets with its GPS Tracking System… The plumbing company “Island Plumbing” is lucky to have our GPS Tracking system implemented in its fleet of vehicles, but it is sad that the law is not giving a strong and fair punishment to thieves […]

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Monday 13, August 2012

GPS Vehicle Tracking system is an aid to law enforcement

When law enforcement officers sped to the Blossvale home where Adam Theall was threatening family members and his infant son in June 2010, a computer tracking system helped 911 dispatchers rush patrol cars to the scene. Because of the GPS-style tracking system, dispatchers knew a state trooper was close by, and when Theall fired his […]

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Thursday 2, August 2012

A True User Friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking System

There are many GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems out there, but those that are truly beneficial are those that make it easy for the user to understand and use. A user friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking System brings tons of benefits, and it is user friendly only if it complies with the following. • An accessible toolbar […]

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Friday 27, July 2012

THE DASHBOARD – The New Module of our GPS Fleet Tracking System

We are proud to introduce our GPS Tracking Application’s new module, THE DASHBOARD! With this module your tasks and monitoring performance will be a lot better. The dashboard makes our system even more user friendly than it already is, allowing for easier navigation and having all the information you need in one single screen. Just […]

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Wednesday 11, July 2012

GPS Fleet Tracking helps your vehicles insurance rates to be lower

Safe drivers must know that there are ways to prevent them from paying high rates for vehicle insurance, regardless of the type of vehicle. All you need is to follow some single steps. Shopping around is the most important step. Check out a variety of insurance companies and policies that apply to you. Read online […]

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Tuesday 26, June 2012

Importance of B2B and B2C communication

Communication is something important in our lives; such is its importance that by definition the term covers technology within the requirements to be met, the same communication. The quality of communication is vital tto every human being; a good system of interaction determines a successful response and reduces all types of conflict. Modern life has […]

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Sunday 17, June 2012

How Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology work?

Global Positioning System satellites transmit signals to equipment on the ground. GPS receivers passively receive satellite signals; they do not transmit. GPS operations depend on a very accurate time reference, which is provided by atomic clocks at the U.S. Naval Observatory. Each GPS satellite has atomic clocks on board. Each GPS satellite transmits data that […]

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Sunday 10, June 2012

Examine Carefully your GPS Tracking Company

The Internet has allowed several “fly-by-night” GPS vendors to enter the market, and many companies that are seeking to install a quality system do not take the time to examine the company from whom they are considering purchasing. Many GPS vendors selling products over the Internet are barely educated on the product they are selling, […]

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Monday 4, June 2012

GPS Fleet Tracking On The Go

Having to be in front of a computer screen to monitor and track vehicles is a thing of the past. With new GPS Vehicle Tracking technologies and software improvements like TSO Mobile’s, fleets of vehicles can be monitored and tracked remotely. Now, this must not be confused with mobile apps tracking like the ones installed […]

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Wednesday 16, May 2012

Latin America must invest more in innovation to enhance its economy

Investing more in research and development to promote innovation, increasing the value of their economies and stop being markets for cheap labor and low technology must be done. This could not only enhance Latin America’s economy but the economy of the whole American continent (North, Central, and South). Thanks to revenues from copper and those […]

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