Like we all know, the smart phones have had a huge impact in today's society. The concept of Apps has been a big deal and has set a new standard to the way we do things.

Very popular apps that everyone seems to get excited about are the tracking apps. One of these apps that everyone is talking about is "Find My Friends" for iPhone which lets you see where your friends and family members are at. What users do not know is that these apps have limitations.

Limitations such as being able to track people only if you have them added to the app contact list, high monthly service fees (some apps), and relying on your cellphone provider coverage area, do not make tracking apps the right tool for everyone.

Transportation companies, public transportation entities, individuals wanting to track kids or elderly people, and basically everyone, need a robust GPS tracking system that lets them go beyond just the tracking. A GPS tracking system like the one TSO Mobile provides, lets anyone track from any computer. This tracking system lets you receive alerts of the whereabouts of the assets or people that someone is tracking, generate reports of the activities, tracking numbers to share tracking locations with others, access to routing and dispatching platforms, integration with Garmin GPS navigators, and many many more functionalities that a tracking app for a smartphone could not offer. The best thing, it is also available for smart phones but with improved functionality! A GPS tracking system like the one TSO Mobile provides, charges a monthly fee as well, but this fee is a lot more economic and it is worth everything that you can do with the GPS tracking system. Also, you do not have to worry about coverage or anything else.

There is a lot to know about a robust GPS tracking system; TSO Mobile can help you learn about it.