Why Fleet Managers are Going Green

As of this moment, planet Earth is the only known habitable planet in this solar system. Taking that in consideration, many businesses are looking for ways to keep our shared living space clean and habitable for the coming years. To decrease our current rate of pollution and expenditure, inhabitants must look for alternative methods to curb excessive depletion of resources. Here are four ways fleet managers can promote sustainability…while still maintaining an attractive profit margin.

Minimize Fleet CO2 Emissions

Probably one of the biggest changes fleet managers can make falls under the category of vehicle CO2 emissions. By choosing a telematics company that provides idle time tracking, your company can map general fuel usage and modify driver behavior to lower emissions. For example, GPS tech can track idling times and instances of rapid acceleration/deceleration, which are two common practices that increase the output of CO2 into the atmosphere. This data can help identify patterns and assist you in determining what changes you can make to lower your fleet’s emissions.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

By monitoring your fleet’s fuel usage, you can also find a few opportunities to save both money and gas. Did you know that fuel efficiency decreases with every MPH over your vehicle’s optimal speed? And every hour of idling burns an average of one gallon of gas? Instilling conservative driving habits in employees by discouraging quick starts, speeding, rapid deceleration, as well as keeping up with maintenance issues such as low tire pressure, can help you reduce the amount of gas your fleet consumes. Calculating driver’s behaviors against vehicle performance may indicate areas where money (and the environment) can be saved.

Use Only What You Need

Why pay to maintain more vehicles than you actually need? With the rising cost of gas and insurance, it makes sense to limit your fleet to the precise number you need to maximize productivity without losing great customer service. Use GPS fleet tracking to accurately locate each vehicle in your fleet, and move them to where they are needed to improve vehicle utilization. Save time and energy by knowing exactly where each available vehicle is for a customer’s inevitable emergency service.

Use GPS Fleet Tracking to Avoid Congestion

Getting stuck in traffic is a common modern-day predicament. What people may not realize is the amount of damage the environment suffers from constant traffic clogging the roads. Air quality decreases, ground water gets spoiled, road crossing becomes more hazardous, and noise pollution scares away wildlife. For drivers, the excessive burning of fuel, and time waiting behind lines of cars, wastes valuable time and money, and increases the risk of drowsy and distracted driving. With GPS tracking, you can improve navigation and dispatching operations, decreasing your risk of being stuck in a traffic jam.

GPS technology allows companies to identify areas for improvement and track the progress of sustainability goals. With fleet-owning businesses across the world looking for ways to go green, technologically-enabled sustainability is fast becoming the way of the future.

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