Over 100 GPS Fleet Tracking users were asked why they invested in GPS Vehicle Tracking, and these were the results.

Even though every user/business has a different reason/goal in mind when implementing a GPS Tracking System in their fleet of vehicles, all of those reasons/goals are related between each other.

• Real Time Tracking has become a "must" for companies with fleet of vehicles. Knowing where your fleet is at all time and being able to track it from anywhere at any time is just priceless. Thanks to Real Time Vehicle Tracking businesses have seen an increase on their quality of customer service, routes and operations analysis resulting in overall improvements, and much more.

• Being able to monitor drivers behavior is key to determine the quality of the people working for you. Improvements in productivity, reduction of fuel costs (thanks to speeding and idling monitoring), verification of working hours, monitoring of unauthorized breaks and vehicle usage, are some of the benefits generated from having a Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking System to monitor your vehicles whereabouts and drivers behaviors.

• In today's economy, but specially with the never ending rising of fuel prices, reducing fuel costs is one of the benefits that can impact the return on investment the most. Being able to monitor speeding and unnecessary idling times with a GPS Fleet Tracking system will cut down operations and fuel costs big time.

• Productivity is a big deal for any business, and being able to improve it is a dream came true. Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking system offer many tools that help the improvement of productivity in daily and overall operations. Being able to monitor departure and arrival times in real time, get real time alerts to any mobile device or email when the vehicles enter o leave landmarks (preset areas of high importance), monitor in real time drivers' activities and be able to establish communication with them through the same fleet tracking system, having a routing and work orders platform integrated into the same gps tracking system, are just some of the tools that will help the productivity of any business with a fleet of vehicles take a big step.