Idling brings in some secret expenses. The truth is that vehicles that idle for a long time can generate serious revenue loss. The American Trucking Association states that:

1. A vehicle left idling can consume over a gallon of gas every hour.

2. One hour of idling by a vehicle everyday for year will culminate in approximately 70,000 miles of vehicle engine wear-and-tear after all associated factors are added.

This statement clearly shows the impact of vehicle idling for businesses with fleets of vehicles.

The chart below provides information on how much money businesses with fleets of vehicles could be losing because of idling, providing the fuel costs associated with excessive vehicle idling.

Gasoline Price= $3.00 per gallon

# of Vehicles Idling Cost Per Day Idling Cost Per Month Annual Idling Cost
1 $ 3.00 $ 90.00 $ 1080.00
5 $ 15.00 $ 450.00 $ 5,400.00
10 $ 30.00 $ 900.00 $ 10,800.00
25 $ 75.00 $ 2,250.00 $ 27,000.00
100 $ 300.00 $ 9,000.00 $ 108,000.00

* Costs associated with idling, such as maintenance and additional repairs were not included into the chart that calculates gas at $3.00 per gallon and 1 hour of vehicle idling per day.

A GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System provides cost-saving data that includes:

1. Tools to monitor idling times in real-time and get alerted when excessive idling is reached.

2. Monitoring of unauthorized use of vehicles and real-time validation of routes.

3. Real-Time monitoring of speeding which not only results in the waste of fuel and money, but becomes a hazard on the roads.

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