It is no surprise that speed limits and other traffic laws are broken all the time by drivers in the transportation industry. From drivers transporting assets to drivers transporting students, all of them, at one point or another, have broken the law in the streets.

For the assets transportation part of the industry this is a huge issue due to the risk in which costly merchandise is put when speed limits are overpassed. On the other hand, this is an issue of major proportions when lives are the ones being put at risk.

With a GPS Tracking system like TSO Mobile’s, school district officials can have a closer look at the driving behaviors of their school buses drivers. This maximizes the monitoring capabilities not only for the security of students, but also for the improvement of dispatching related tasks like tracking of the buses real-time exact locations, time spent at bus stops, fuel consumption, real driving time vs. driver posted driving time, video surveillance integrated with tracking, and many others.

But, How exactly can the monitoring of speeds protect students?
The monitoring of speeds come together with remote interaction/control of the vehicle. When speed limits are reached and overpassed, dispatchers or control centers get alerted immediately. At this point, remote satellite signals can be sent from a computer or mobile phone to the vehicle for it to automatically reduce the speed.

Many people and government officials sometimes misunderstand the meaning and use of a GPS tracking system. It is important to clarify that this type of system is intended to be used only during work hours for security and productivity improvement. The least the GPS Tracking system industry and TSO Mobile as a GPS Tracking developer and system provider wants, is to interfere with anyone's personal life.