In the early days of FMCSA's Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, the vehicle maintenance BASIC proved to be the most troublesome for many motor carriers. This isn't particularly surprising as vehicle-related defects frequently top the annual violation lists released by FMCSA.

Maintenance issues can also cause driver retention problems. Vehicle defect and maintenance violations now go on a drivers' CSA score as well as the carrier's. If a fleet becomes a frequent target of inspectors, it becomes even more likely that its drivers will get flagged for other CSA issues such as logbook violations.
If maintenance issues bring unwanted eye of inspectors more frequently, drivers are likely to look elsewhere for employment.

"We have to bust these guys a little bit if they get a maintenance violation. If we find out something was wrong on a trailer two days ago and they didn't notify us, the drivers need to know they will get a call from an unhappy safety director when that trailer gets a violation. We need to rely on the driver's eyes,".

SOURCE: FleetOwner Magazine.

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