Anticipating needs delivers benefits in customer service, sales/marketing, and government.

Proactive customer care (PCC) is an exciting concept that, when executed properly, delivers benefits to both enterprises and their customers. The challenge for businesses and other organizations is to create useful communications that their customers welcome and to deliver these messages in each customer's channel of choice: phone; email; SMS; fax; and, in the future, video.

SOURCE: Speech Technology Magazine | // July/August 2011

The meaning of PCC is a business strategy that makes consumers' lives easier by addressing issues before a problem or a need arises. A GPS tracking system like the one that TSO Mobile offers sure helps with this purpose.

Through the "Tracking Number" feature, customers of those companies delivering or transporting the merchandise, can stay up-to-date with the location of their merchandise through a personalized mapping module until it arrives to them. This delivers benefits to both parties and creates a great level of communication and understanding. The tracking number feature is just one of the many ways that a GPS tracking system can contribute to Proactive Customer Care (PCC).