Assets Protection Success Story


All TSO Mobile's customers and users of a GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management system, experience the benefits from this incredibly useful technology on a daily. On the other hand, not all users experience theft of their vehicles and merchandise, but those who do are LUCKY to have GPS Tracking Devices installed in their vehicles.

Here is a story from one of TSO Mobile's customers who experienced theft but was lucky to be a user of our system. The story is written by the user keeping the company name anonymous for security reasons.

“ It is a pleasure and an honor for me to share with you my story. I am a manager for a trucking company and a fleet administrator who also handles safety and compliance.

I received a phone call from our plant manager in Phoenix saying that our 2008 Kenworth tractor and our 2009 Great Dane trailer were stolen from Las Vegas. This was very upsetting because not only was this a huge potential loss and an interruption in operations but our driver had no idea for how long they had been gone. Without boring you with details, we were able to discover that our equipment was stolen 30 hours prior. Our newly installed GPS Vehicle Tracking system from TSO Mobile gave us the complete history on when and where our tractor and trailer had been. Best of all, it gave us the exact address of where it currently was!. The bad news was it was not even a half a mile from the Mexican border. This gave us a dreaded sense of urgency. It needed fast team work. Our account manager at TSO Mobile worked hand in hand with my co-worker to evaluate and determine the location, send pings, get activity alerts, and more. This helped the police to find and retrieve our precious equipment within several hours. The police were amazed with our input. When I was considering purchasing GPS Vehicle Tracking units for our tractors, I had no idea how soon I would reap the benefits. This was an unexpected value.

I originally purchased GPS Vehicle Tracking units for tractors in locations where we occasionally use temporary drivers or have drivers who may take “detours”. This is a wonderful management tool to monitor where your drivers and equipment are at all times. GPS Vehicle Tracking units also keep you aware of driver speed, behaviors, idling time and hours of service. It keeps everyone honest and keeps your operations legal, safe and in compliance. You can’t afford to operate a trucking business any other way. Other added benefits are accident investigation documentation. It is a well known fact that having an accident with a tractor trailer is almost a certainty that you be contacted by an attorney. A GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management system will eliminate false claims that our driver ran someone off the road etc. Our account manager has set up our system to e-mail alerts to us when our drivers are speeding or idling too long. With the new idling laws, this will help us to remind our drivers.

There are many valuable reasons to purchase these units and TSO Mobile is a company with a staff who is ready and willing to help.

TSO Mobile will help your company raise the standard on performance. I am grateful to TSO Mobile for all of their guidance and help since our first GPS vehicle tracking units were installed. "

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