Monday 13, January 2014

All GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are Different from Each Other

When your fleet of vehicles requires a GPS Fleet Tracking System to be ran and managed more efficiently, you get into a long process researching for the best GPS Vehicle Tracking provider. Although there are many out there, you can narrow your search down by following certain criteria. There are companies that offer basic vehicle […]

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Wednesday 8, January 2014

GPS Fleet Tracking Helps Trucking Company Prevent Theft

Assets Protection Success Story All TSO Mobile’s customers and users of a GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management system, experience the benefits from this incredibly useful technology on a daily. On the other hand, not all users experience theft of their vehicles and merchandise, but those who do are LUCKY to have GPS Tracking Devices […]

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Monday 6, January 2014

Monitoring Driver Activity with Geofences

Control where your vehicles go in Real-Time Being able to create imaginary fences around specific areas to monitor when vehicles go in and out of them has become an essential tool for dispatchers. Geofences let dispatchers have an additional level of control over the whereabouts of vehicles by defining regions of interest and monitoring “in […]

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Thursday 2, January 2014

The Truth About Idling

Idling brings in some secret expenses. The truth is that vehicles that idle for a long time can generate serious revenue loss. The American Trucking Association states that: 1. A vehicle left idling can consume over a gallon of gas every hour. 2. One hour of idling by a vehicle everyday for year will culminate […]

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