Our system will automatically evaluate your drivers’ behaviors and give them ratings based on different measurements.

These are some of the behaviors taken in consideration for automated rating:

- RPMs.
- Speeding.
- Harsh Turns.
- Idling.
- Fuel Performance.
- Acceleration.
- Average Speed.
- Deceleration.

Set the Driving Behavior Profiles and give each behavior a level of importance. Once you runthe Driver Rating Report the system will look at those profiles and tell you which drivers aredoing good and which are doing bad.

• To set driving behavior profiles: Go to the “SETTINGS” tab, then click on “DRIVING BEHAVIORPROFILES” option under the “UNITS” module on the left.

• To run the driver rating report: Go to the “REPORTS” tab, then click on “DRIVER RATINGREPORT” option under the “DRIVERS REPORTS” module on the left.

The “Dispatch Log” will make sure every important event is logged and associated to a driver unit.

It is not new that your GPS Vehicle Tracking System always records every single activity of your vehicle such as ignition on, driving, idling, speeding, etc... What the system has not had UNTIL NOW is a way for you to record activity that the tracking device cannot monitor.

Think of a DIARY! That is the dispatching log. Every time that there is an important event related to a driver unit, and that you want to take note of for your history records, you will use the dispatch log to enter this event in the system and link it to that specific unit.

• To log and enter new notes: Go to the “SETTINGS” tab, then click on the “DISPATCH LOG” option under the “UNITS” module on the left.

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