Friday 1, May 2015

Facilitating Paratransit Services in Arizona

Changing technology is continuing to make it easier for local governments and other providers to meet the evolving transportation needs of individuals with hearing and visual disabilities.Today, providers of paratransit services have tools they can integrate into their existing technology that not only make it easier for those with sight or hearing issues to use their systems, but also make it possible to […]

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Thursday 26, March 2015

Don’t Stop Believin’ at 2015 LCT Show

TSO Mobile recently exhibited at the 2015 International Limousine, Charter & Tour (LCT) Show, which was held at the Venetian & Palazzo Resort Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas. The LCT Show stands as the world’s largest annual global convention and trade show in the industry. The 2015 “Don’t Stop Believin'” themed show, lasting from March […]

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Wednesday 25, March 2015

DSE 2015 Says WOW is NOW

The 2015 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) held at the Las Vegas Convention Center took place this month in Nevada, where TSO Mobile was able to attend the world’s largest conference and tradeshow of digital display and interactive technologies. The conference and trade show lasting from March 10-13, is exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications […]

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Thursday 12, February 2015

How are you using the latest technology?

It is no secret that technology has revolutionized the way that business is conducted in today’s world. With advances in communication and information technology, the aspects in operating a successful business are often reliant on the ability to share and receive information as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the latest and most popular […]

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Thursday 9, October 2014

Constituting Good Customer Satisfaction

Providing passenger-centered solutions to improve public transportation involvements and real-time fleet management and monitoring software allows TSO Mobile to assist its clients in making sure their customers are happy ones. Customer benefits of systems in use are generated due to an efficient running and maintenance of the service. As it is becoming more and more […]

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Tuesday 16, September 2014

Making Public Transportation More Effective

American cities are increasingly facing new demands on transportation systems due to a rapidly growing population. As a demand for various public transportation options to become available increases, as does a need to keep these systems running more and more efficiently. Big or small, running in large or smaller cities, these public transportation systems rely […]

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Monday 25, August 2014

TSO Mobile & Public Transportation

Our nation is relying more and more on public transportation, not only as a necessity, but also as a desire for it. There has been an apparent trend of a growing desire to have access to various forms of public transportation throughout the cities people live in. This development seems to be trending predominantly by […]

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Monday 13, January 2014

All GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are Different from Each Other

When your fleet of vehicles requires a GPS Fleet Tracking System to be ran and managed more efficiently, you get into a long process researching for the best GPS Vehicle Tracking provider. Although there are many out there, you can narrow your search down by following certain criteria. There are companies that offer basic vehicle […]

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Wednesday 8, January 2014

GPS Fleet Tracking Helps Trucking Company Prevent Theft

Assets Protection Success Story All TSO Mobile’s customers and users of a GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management system, experience the benefits from this incredibly useful technology on a daily. On the other hand, not all users experience theft of their vehicles and merchandise, but those who do are LUCKY to have GPS Tracking Devices […]

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Monday 6, January 2014

Monitoring Driver Activity with Geofences

Control where your vehicles go in Real-Time Being able to create imaginary fences around specific areas to monitor when vehicles go in and out of them has become an essential tool for dispatchers. Geofences let dispatchers have an additional level of control over the whereabouts of vehicles by defining regions of interest and monitoring “in […]

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