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The VidFleet video monitoring system is designed to help fleet managers monitor driver behavior, discourage unsafe driving activities, and reduce fleet accident rates.

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Need to track your vehicles? Add Vehicle + Driver Management for just $15!


Protect Your Drivers, Vehicles, and Reputation.

VidFleet™ video monitoring offers you the hard proof you need to defend your business and drivers from fraudulent claims. Prove your innocence with high-definition footage of collisions and other traffic incidents.

Capture What Matters with VidFleet™


Reduce the frequency of disputed claims with video proof of events.

Avoid incident investigation expenses.

Reduce third-party claim frequency and costs.

High-definition dash cam footage available when you need it.

4-Channel High-Definition Visibility

Integrated GPS, 6-Axis G-Sensor, and 3G/4G/LTE

  • Prevent Theft and Scams – Deter thieves and insurance scammers.
  • Stay in the Loop – Receive email notifications and video clips for set triggers.
  • Superior Hardware – 720P recording, 128GB SD storage capacity, and rugged design.
  • Reliable Coverage – Hours of stored footage & multi video recording available.
  • Tamper-Proofing – Tamper-resistant locking cases available.
  • Flexible Solutions – wide angle, weatherproof, infrared, dome, side view, rugged, reverse cameras, etc.

See VidFleet™ in Action

How VidFleet Dash Cams Work

When it’s just our word against theirs, the trucker doesn’t really ever come out on top. This truck camera system we’ve got now shows the real truth!

The best dash cam for truckers. I would definitely recommend VidFleet to anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.