Ride-Along with TSO: Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ride-Along?

TSO Mobile offers Ride-Along to provide GPS for public transportation operations looking to track their buses, trolleys, ferries, ridership, and anything else they may need to locate! Learn more about what Ride-Along can do for your transit fleet.

What are the benefits of using GPS tracking for public transportation operations?

GPS fleet tracking enables dispatchers, fleet managers, and operators to see exactly where their vehicles are at all times. A robust GPS fleet tracking system will provide all the tools these parties need to plan routes, schedule stops, and locate their assets on demand.


Who will experience these benefits?

Everyone involved in your public transit operation stands to enjoy the many benefits of GPS bus tracking. These range from increased driver productivity to decreased spend and more efficient routing.

What kind of operation does TSO Mobile serve?

TSO Mobile’s solutions are designed for use in just about any operation! We provide asset and vehicle tracking solutions for the following:

  • Urban, Suburban, and Rural Bus Operations
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Trolley Services
  • Van Pool Services
  • Long-Distance Coach Buses
  • Public Shuttle Services
  • Trams
  • Public Ferries and Water Taxis
  • Non-Emergency Response
  • Limousine Operations
  • Taxis


What features does TSO Mobile’s public transportation management software provide?

Our software is robust, feature-rich, and built to meet the growing demands of the modern passenger transportation fleet. The following are just a few of our many features for public transit operations:

  • Bus Scheduling
  • Real-Time Bus Tracker Apps
  • On-Board Displays
  • Bus Destination Sign Boards
  • Automated Announcements
  • Driver Management
  • Video Monitoring
  • Mobile Data Terminals
  • Routing and Dispatching Tools
  • Automated Passenger Counter

Do TSO Mobile’s transit tracking solutions work in real time?

Yes! From your TSO Mobile Public Transportation dashboard, you can track the movement of your buses, trolleys, and vehicles in real time. Monitor the behavior and punctuality of your drivers with on-time performance reports, stops statistics, and driver score cards.


Wait, I have more questions! Where can I learn more?

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