Fleet Tracking Solutions for a Mobile World

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Protect your assets with the visibility and security of real-time GPS fleet tracking. Our powerful GPS tracking devices have been designed to provide the information and insight essential to maintaining a productive fleet of vehicles.

  • Tracking Numbers
  • Historical Locations
  • GPS Geofences
  • Live Alerts
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • 30+ Reports
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Send Unique Tracking Numbers
  • Prevent Asset Theft
  • Track Fuel Usage
  • Better Dispatching
  • Mobile Management

GPS Tracking for Fleets, Buses, and More!

From rental car fleets and dealerships to public transportation providers, visibility is key for any industry that deals with high-value mobile assets.

TSO Mobile has designed a GPS fleet tracking system that goes above and beyond the rest, giving you real-time location updates, data-rich fleet reports, asset security solutions, ETA alerts, and much more.

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Get the real information and insights you've always wanted. Make informed decisions with real-time vehicle data and sophisticated reports.

Extend the life of your vehicles, buses, and trucks with vehicle health reports, fuel level monitoring, and maintenance updates.


TSO Mobile's GPS tracking apps are available on iOS and Android, putting the power and visibility of a sophisticated tracking system in the palm of your hand.

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