Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management by TSO Mobile
Real-Time Fleet Management and Monitoring Software.
Track & monitor your vehicles & drivers in Real-Time with GPS Tracking.
Dispatching Tools from TSO Mobile's Fleet Management System
Maximize Your Business Workflow and Productivity.
Get tons of benefits by automating tasks and processes.
TSO Mobile's Passenger Focused Public Transportation Solutions
Solutions to improve the public transportation experience.
Real-Time GPS Tracking, Passenger Counters, Mobile Apps and more!
TSO Mobile's GPS Tracking Solutions for Boats and Yachts
Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring for Boats and Yachts.
Monitor your boat´s location, maintenance, security, high water & more!
Explore Powerful Features to Track & Monitor Your Fleet of Vehicles.
Real-Time GPS Tracking
Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
Know where your vehicles are at all times. Track your fleet online and in real-time. Location updates as frequent as you want.

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Historical Locations
Historical Locations
View in the map a trail showing the history of the locations where a vehicle has been from any date range.

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Live Alerts
Live Alerts
Receive real-time alerts via voice, email or txt messages right when your vehicles perform critical activities.

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Shaped Geofences
Shaped Geofences
Create imaginary fences of any geometrical shape around a specific location. Get alerted when your vehicles get in or out of them.

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Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Maintenance
Manage new, pending and completed maintenance tasks based on gathered data. Receive Alerts when maintenance is due.

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Tracking Numbers
Tracking Numbers
Generate tracking numbers for any vehicle. Send this tracking number to any thirda party. They will have limited tracking access.

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Reports & Analytics
Reports and Analytics
Access 30+ different reports and generate analytics to keep your fleet statistics on point. Reports required by law are included.

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Mobile Apps
GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Apple and Android Mobile Apps
Download our mobile apps on any Apple or Android mobile device. Apps for basic and advanced tracking are available.

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Discover Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind and Help Your Business!
Increase Productivity
Get tasks done faster and more proactively. Monitor your drivers and make sure they are performing how they are supposed to.

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Reduce Operation Costs
We help you keep a close eye in every single part of your business so everything runs smoothly and with low operational costs.

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Save Money on Fuel
By monitoring speeding, idling, and more fuel consumption activities you will be able to keep control so you spend just the necessary.

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Control Work Hours
Tools like our "Time Sheet Report" and drivers log will let you keep track of REAL work hours and avoid wasted labor.

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Better Customer Service
Find the closest vehicles to your customer location. Also, us helping you improve productivity will result in faster response times.

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Reduce Insurance Costs
Insurance policies give you discounts for using a GPS Vehicle Tracking System and having a GPS Vehicle Tracker installed.

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Increase Security
By monitoring speed limits and driving behaviors you will kepp your drivers and everyone on the road safe.

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Improve Dispatching
Our management tools for work orders and routing, plus our mobile apps will help your dispatching run smooth and proactively.

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Track your vehicles and perform Dispatching tasks from anywhere.
GPS Fleet Tracking Apps for Apple & Android
GPS Fleet Tracking Apps for Apple and Android
Track your fleet in an user friendly GPS fleet tracking mobile environment from anywhere and at any time. Look for "TSO Fleet" for basic tracking and "TSO Fleet Pro" for advanced tracking and dispatching.
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TSO Mobile Fleet Pro available on the App Store TSO Mobile Fleet Pro available on Google Play
Mobile Dispatching & Fleet Management for Android
Mobile Dispatching and Fleet Management for Android
TSO InCabin gives dispatchers a better way to get their job done. This is TSO Mobile's Android App for Workforce Management & The Improvement of Driver Performance. Look for "TSO InCabin" in the GooglePlay store.
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TSO InCabin available on Google Play
Our Dispatching Tools Make Our System an all-in-one solution!
Manage Work Orders
Manage Work Orders
Create electronic work orders and send them over to the in-cabin solution (Garmin or Android). Update the status at any time.

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Manage Routes
Manage Routes
Our routing platform gives you complete real-time control over every route. Monitor stages, build & predefine routes.

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Get Driver Ratings
Get Driver Ratings
Our system automatically rates your drivers based on metrics such as speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, among others.

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Log Dispatch Activities
Log Dispatch Activities
Think of a diary! That is what our Dispatching Log is. We let you keep track of activities and events that are important to you.

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"The TSO Mobile tracking system is just what the doctor ordered. It covers all the angles that are needed by tracking and contacting the department for its needs.

The tracking is the best I have used or seen."
Lewes Police Department
Mark Schults - Chief Officer
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